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Mourning flower hearts in Netherlands

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White Heart Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
White Heart
from 269.99 €
Red heart with ribbon Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
Red heart with ribbon
from 269.99 €
White Heart Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
White Heart
from 269.99 €
Pink and white heart Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
Pink and white heart
from 269.99 €
Pink Heart Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
Pink Heart
from 269.99 €
Red Heart Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
Red Heart
from 269.99 €
Yellow heart with ribbon Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
Yellow heart with ribbon
from 269.99 €
Orange Heart Title «CityFlowers» in Netherlands
Orange Heart
from 200.99 €

    Expressing Love and Respect with a Funeral Heart


    A funeral heart is a powerful way to show the love and respect you felt for the departed. These symbolic funeral arrangements, often made from roses or other quality flowers, are a moving tribute to someone who meant a lot to you.


    Ordering a funeral heart can be a comforting step in the grieving process. It helps to express the love and affection you felt for the departed. Moreover, funeral hearts can convey a sense of connection and empathy to other mourners.


    Each funeral heart is carefully arranged by experienced florists. They select only the best flowers and arrange them to form a beautiful heart shape. Whether you choose a funeral heart bouquet made from roses or other flowers, you can be confident that your funeral heart has been made with the utmost care and attention.


    Delivering a funeral heart can be a comforting gesture to the family of the departed. That's why we offer a delivery service, ensuring the funeral heart is delivered on the day of the funeral or cremation. You can also choose to add a personal message to the funeral heart with a funeral ribbon.


    There are different types of funeral hearts available. Some are traditional and formal, while others have a more contemporary look. Choosing the right funeral heart depends on your relationship with the departed and how you wish to express your feelings.


    Funeral pieces, such as funeral hearts and funeral bouquets, play an important role in the funeral ceremony. They not only help express our feelings of grief but also provide comfort and beauty on an otherwise somber day.


    If you're looking for a meaningful way to show your love and respect for the departed, consider ordering a funeral heart. This gesture of love can provide a deep sense of satisfaction and comfort during this difficult time.



    Customer reviews
    Anabelle 12.03.2024 17:11

    Exceptional Every Time! CityFlowers consistently delivers exceptional quality flowers and service, making them a trusted option for all your floral needs.

    Ann 03.09.2022 12:55

    Pleasant and friendly people work in this company. The manager quickly placed my order, the florist created a gorgeous bouquet, and the courier delivered it on time - thank you!

    Giuditta 15.11.2023 01:35

    Delight in Beauty!

    The bouquet exceeded expectations! Bright shades, fresh flowers and creative composition are the perfect combination. The packaging is delicate, the delivery is punctual. Created a joyful impression. This bouquet is a real work of art. I recommend!

    camal 01.04.2024 13:11

    The flowers were fresh and beautifully arranged, and the attention to detail in the packaging was impressive. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

    Larissa 11.04.2023 18:43

    I am absolutely delighted with my recent flower bouquet order through the website. The flowers were stunningly beautiful and arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier!

    Thomas 16.06.2022 12:41

    I ordered a bouquet from you and was quite satisfied with my order. A very good company with responsible employees.

    Relko 27.03.2024 13:12

    I used this service for a wedding, and I was impressed with both the service and the flowers. The arrangements were perfect, and the delivery was professional.

    Marnie 21.11.2023 01:25

    I recently ordered a bouquet of flowers, and my delight knows no bounds! The flowers are fresh, rich shades, colorful combination. Neat packaging, delivery on time. A bright accent in everyday routine. Thank you for the quality and joy every time I find them in my home!

    Camilla 01.04.2024 17:09

    Consistently Impressive! CityFlowers never fails to impress with their stunning arrangements and reliable service. Highly recommended!

    Ram 25.08.2022 11:15

    I want to thank the wonderful people who work for you! From courier to florist. Well-coordinated work shows excellent results. I am happy with the bouquet.

    Elmar 26.11.2023 01:39

    I bought a bouquet of roses for my beloved. The quality is amazing: bright, well-groomed flowers with an amazing aroma. The packaging is stylish, delivery is impeccable. The wife is delighted!

    Jess 14.11.2023 13:09

    I ordered flowers for a friend's birthday, and the bouquet was absolutely beautiful. The delivery was right on time, and the whole process was seamless. Highly recommend!

    Donna 05.06.2023 18:46

    The selection of flowers on the website was fantastic, and it made it so easy for me to find the perfect bouquet for my occasion. The recipient was overjoyed with the arrangement, and it brought a smile to their face.

    Liudmyla 23.01.2024 17:13

    Timely and Top-Quality! This company delivers prompt service and beautiful blooms, making them a reliable choice for flower deliveries.

    User333 15.02.2024 17:10

    Elegant and Effortless! Rose Bouquet arrangements exude elegance, and their seamless delivery process ensures a delightful experience every time.

    Marina 08.08.2022 09:45

    On all occasions, I appeal only to you! Great flowers with a wonderful fragrance! Tell your florists that they are really professionals in their field.

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